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  • I will again congratulate you to these wonderful books. I recently was in contact with the Capital Library of Stockholm and was told how very wellknown and appreciated these books are, regarded as fantastic. I was also told that people very often borrow them from the library. Unfortunately the books are so appreciated, that they don´t always come back to the library and the officials have had to contact Amazon. So again - Congratulations!

    , Gun Mattsson

  • I am so proud to be in that show and museum and to be associated with you and WWAB. You can believe this that you have ecouraged me and helped me erase a ton of self doubt and crumy creative issues that before I was struglling with. Now more than ever I am confident and I will make my place in the Art World. I promise you that! I said this before, You are the star here! Thank so Very, Very Much.

    John M. Carpenter

  • Some current results and comments from the artists who have appeared in previous volumes: My book signing was great and I sold most of the books. I am working on the book signing for NY and LA then I need to order more. People loved the book. It will be on Cable tv here and I mentioned your name and your publishing co. I am so proud I am in your book. Great book and the most important is the trust I have about you and your work.

    Sima Amid Wewetzer

  • Wow. WOW!!! Sensational! The book is simply masterful and absolutely no pun intended. It is actually very humbling to be in such talented company and to be thought deserving to be there by folks who can produce such a volume. My gratitude and compliments to you and all. Robert Heier, Photographer Richard Bailey just informed us that the last month has been contacted by 3 galleries in Los Angeles who found him in ICM volume IV and asked him to exhibit at their galleries.

  • Thank you so much for all that you do! The book IS THE BEST..I feel honored to be apart of it. Everyone I show on this island is VERY impressed. Your effort will make a difference for my art experience and it will be a part of the support I receive from my collectors. Aloha Anna Good

  • Fantastic! I must say, this whole experience working with you and the rest of the WWAB has been absolutely outstanding. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

    , Janet Kotwas

  • C'est avec du retard que je vous répond je vous prie de bien vouloir m'excuser .La présentation du livre ainsi que le site est magnifique et vous en remercie pour la qualité du travail ,j'ai constaté avec plaisir la curiosité pour la visualisation du site .Quant au trois images le courrier se fera début janvier. Je vous Souhaite à vous et au collaborateurs mes vœux de santé et de bonheurs pour la nouvelle année

    Noël Aeby

  • Is it possible to have a couple of snap shots of the International Contemporary Masters booth in Redo Dot Miami so I can include them in my portfolio ...? By the way ...yesterday I got my copies of the volume VI and I was absolutely blown away ... The book is stunning ! You guys did such a wonderful job putting it together !!!! I am proud to be part of it and happy to own such a book . Thank you ! I will be ordering more copies ....!!! warmest regards Olga.


  • I want to thank you on putting together a magnificent book and collection of artwork from around the globe! Wow what can I say but great job!! I couldn't be any happier and I feel so honored to be part of this prestigious book and in the company of some of the world's talented contemporary artists!!!

    Rick Gallant

  • I will again congratulate you to these wonderful books. I recently was in contact with the Capital Library of Stockholm and was told how very wellknown and appreciated these books are, regarded as fantastic. I was also told that people very often borrow them from the library. Unfortunately the books are so appreciated, that they don´t always come back to the library and the officials have had to contact Amazon. So again - Congratulations!

    Gun Mattsson

  • I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the successful Volume V. The reactions were great and I have received lots of emails of people interested in my paintings. I feel very honored to be part Volume VI as well and really look forward to the publishing. All the best to you as well and warm regards from London, Agnes


  • Susan Strauss told us that her son's art teacher was using the book International Contemporary Masters to teach art in class!

  • Thanks to the book Contemporary Masters Volume IV Viktor has got an solo exhibition of some 50 paintings in Gallery Steiner in Vienna. We wish you many succes with masters VI. Warm regards, Viktor Majdandzic www.majdandzic.nl

    Viktor Majdandzic

  • The books are gorgeous! Thank you for your incredible hard work and skill with putting together such a huge collection of talent. YOU are amazing. Many, MANY thanks and blessings to you; you have helped us honor my aunt and uncle in such a lasting and beautiful way. I'm speechless.

    Peggy Mizumoto

  • I've meanwhile received my books! What can I say is: WOW! The book is absolutely awesome. My sincerest appreciations and thanks for your fantastic work you've done. Thanks also to your husband! Everybody I showed the book were incredibly surprised. Once again I express my utmost gratitude for this generous issue.


  • The books are absolutely fabulous, thank you. I have been getting great feedback

    Jutta Chalk

  • Thanks to your staff and hard work, you continually improve on a perfect product. Volume V is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Wow! I am impressed. Very very nice. Thank u for the dedication, energy and time involved in accomplishing this!


  • Conratulations on your new book and thank you all for your efforts to improve all of our dreams to share our vision of our individual forms of art.

    Alistair Cooke

  • I've not had a chance to see the book until today and I just want to tell you that I'm thrilled with the outcome. It is a first-rate and classy presentation of wonderful art and artists. I'm proud to be among them. Thanks for the exceptional quality you've managed to produce.

    Harry Seymur

  • Really fantastic and beautiful book, you did a great job! Now I wil "look around "in the book- and enjoy it. Thanks a lot also for the facebook link. Have a nice day.


  • The volume V looks superb. My congratulations.


  • Dear Despina and Thomas, I want to thank you for publishing such a high quality beautiful book of art, and not just because you included my son, Owen Maigret, in this edition. He visited Santa Barbara last weekend and told me he needed to get an "art book". I figured he meant blank sheets of a certain quality paper for drawing or water color. Last year he asked if I knew anyone in Santa Barbara putting together an art book as he'd been approached to submit work, but I didn't know what he was talking about. I wonder how you heard of him? He and I orbit in different worlds and I've not met many in his circle. My husband and I are not art collectors though we do help support his art in various ways. He was drawing before he chose to speak and is still "short on words" as a friend recently said. I'm grateful he has the gift of creativity. Developing a style and perfecting one's skill take years to emerge. Seeing his work in your publication brings to life the level of achievement he has gained in a way that makes it more accessible to me. It isn't because it suddenly has validation as he has certainly been validated over the years, but reading and viewing it within this body of work along side so many others is more tangible, probably because as a writer I love books. I so appreciate what both of you said in the personal appeal and introduction to this sixth volume of International Contemporary Masters giving the reader an understanding of how you choose artists, originality and proficiency, and the changing face of what it means to be an artist in today's global society. Your words connected heart and head for me. Thank you.

    Cheryl Tomchin

  • I've meanwhile received my book. Thanks to everybody who contributed to such professional service. Best regards!


  • Your art books are really wonderful. They are radiating high quality. I am very grateful you encourage me to take part of the book Int. Contemporary Masters IV. Besides, I attended the exciting exhibition of ICM IV in the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas. It was a great step in my career as international Artist. I would recommend your artbooks to all international artists. I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the work. Greetings, Simone de Knecht, Dutch painter Krimpen a/d IJssel, August 10th 2011

  • Good choice to appear in this book. Very good promo material!

    Galina Sobol

  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the SNMF International Masters Show. It has been a great experience.

    Sincerely, Susan Obermeyer Strauss

  • The book is known in Sweden, even appreciated at libraries, as far as I know. I have found the company very thrust worthy. That´s my personal opinion. I think this publication gives good publicity to artists. The last book I was in was very elegant. Of course it is not cheap, so that is a question too.

    Gun Mattsson

  • I loved being in their book and was immediately put on all kinds of mailing lists for artist. I received many offers to submit my work to other shows and publications – some great and some not. I think it was very much worth doing.

    Tari Dodd Di Bello

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