International Contemporary Masters VII


Published in 2013

One of the most interesting observations I ever heard about these books of ours was that such a collection has a cathartic and therapeutic effect on the reader because of the huge range of emotions and sensations it provokes. That being exposed to so many different worlds is a tremendous journey. Perhaps this whole aspect of art as therapy and balm for the soul – or a road to searching out oneself – is one that should be explored and publicized, because this is clearly a very important, and under-appreciated, side of art. And clearly, a large anthology such as this is an excellent vehicle for such a journey.


  • Hard cover – Gloss Dust Cover
  • 385 pages Gloss paper 128 mgs
  • Hardcover size: 10″ x 13″ inches or 25×33 cm.
  • Binding: Case Bound 15″ side, smyth sewn, square back, reinforced binding
  • On the front cover: David Wells
  • On the back cover: Hope Hebert