International Contemporary Masters XV


Published in 2023

“This book represents a significant milestone for us as it marks the 15th volume of International Contemporary Masters, our longest-running art anthology series. The inaugural volume of this series, our first art anthology, was published 17 years ago in 2006. With the release of this present book, World Wide Art Books will have published a total of 32 art anthologies. From the outset, our intention was to create an ongoing chronicle of what is new and noteworthy in contemporary art worldwide.We firmly believe that our vision has been vindicated, as our books have become a recognized standard and a valuable resource for art professionals, collectors, enthusiasts, and educators alike.

Within this volume, we proudly present the works of 67 artists hailing from diverse corners of the globe, representing a wide range of mediums. Each artist showcased in this collection has contributed a noteworthy piece that offers a unique and captivating perspective.”


Book details

  • Hard cover – Gloss Dust Cover
  • 142 pages Gloss paper 128 mgs
  • Hardcover size: 10″ x 13″ inches or 25×33 cm.
  • Binding: Case Bound 15″ side, smyth sewn, square back, reinforced binding
  • Featuring notable artists from around the world
  • On the front cover: Dr. Georgina Macken 
  • On the back cover: Martin de Saint Muerell