International Contemporary Masters VIII


Published in 2013/4

The art of curation consists of many elements, but as with art, in general, the foremost rule is that there are no rules. As difficult as this makes the role of the curator, it also allows for pure aesthetic sensibility to predominate. For all the importance of art history and contemporary art discourse, for me what is most important in selecting a work is that it speaks to me in a simple, natural way and compels me to place its aesthetic qualities in my sensory archive. In other words, the connection between a work of art and a viewer is more rooted in emotion than in context. Everyone is entitled to feeling passionate about a work of art and aesthetic opinions can only be grounded on pure freedom

Book details

  • Hard cover – Gloss Dust Cover
  • 264 pages Gloss paper 128 mgs
  • Hardcover size: 10″ x 13″ inches or 25×33 cm.
  • Binding: Case Bound 15″ side, smyth sewn, square back, reinforced binding
  •  On the front cover: June Maeder
  • On the back cover: Wendy Cohen