International Contemporary Masters VI


Published in 2012

Artistic creations have multiple sides but mainly the artists are trying to show the world their own feelings: their pain, their struggles, their own way of seeing things, their fears, their concerns, their own world, their own truth! Besides all its other purposes, art is the only thing that is created for the pleasure of the eye; to make the world more beautiful, – and it really does! Imagine the world without music, without sculpture, without paintings! How would it be? Gray maybe…

Book details

  • Hard cover – Gloss Dust Cover
  • 385 pages Gloss paper 128 mgs
  • Hardcover size: 10″ x 13″ inches or 25×33 cm.
  • Binding: Case Bound 15″ side, smyth sewn, square back, reinforced binding
  • ISBN: 978-0-9802079-7-2
  • On the front cover: Dubravka
  • On the back cover: Mai Ahn