Why should I pay to appear in a book?

The concept of our publications is different from most. The books are either sold at cost or given for free to selected recipients, so nobody makes money from sales. We try to achieve the largest possible distribution to a professional audience of galleries, museums, art consultants, interior designers, agencies, collectors, etc. Besides being a beautiful coffee-table artbook, our publications are a promotional tool aiming at advertising the artists in it. This is the reason there is a participation fee.


Why should I appear in these particular books? What are the benefits?

  • It is a prestigious and professional way to present your work to galleries, collectors, selection committees, juries and potential buyers.
  • Being included in a high-quality publication not only presents your work but places you within the context of active contemporary artists.
  • It increases the commercial value of your work.
  • It provides gallery owners with an effective tool to more easily sell your work and at a better price.


If you really like my art, you must accept me for free!

No artists are accepted for free. No matter how good or famous they are! The book is published for the benefit of the artists. It offers them a valuable tool to promote themselves.  However, we do welcome sponsored artists. Many of the participants in our books are sponsored by public organizations, universities, banks, private companies, etc. We offer a special presentation for these sponsors in the front part of the book so as to encourage sponsors. Approved artists who are interested in finding a sponsor can ask us for the sponsorship presentation with helpful information for potential patrons.


How can I find a sponsor?

Contact any companies you might know. Small companies are much easier to approach when it is for a small amount of money.

They can be small stores, wineries, real estate agents, etc. Generally, it is easier to get a sponsorship from companies where you have personal contacts or friends or – much better – where you are a client or customer! Or it could be a company or person you have done work for – or even your employer! Or they could be a supplier of yours. When you have managed to set up an appointment to discuss the sponsorship, it is helpful to have the portfolio of your work with you, and also either a sample copy of one of our books or access to a computer where you can show them our website and the links to our books on the site. Potential sponsors need to get a clear idea of exactly what they are paying for – and the benefits for them.

Make it clear that you are not just asking for help! It is an equal exchange. You are asking for something from them and you are offering something important to them!


How is the book going to help me? Am I going to sell works?

The book is not a selling tool. It is a tool to promote the artist. It opens doors to galleries, it is a great selling tool for galleries and it raises the value of your work. It will help you to sell art to your clients and at higher prices. But you are not going to sell art directly from the book. This is not the purpose of the book.  People who see you in it are forwarded to your online portfolio and you can sell art this way, but you might never find out that these buyers came from the book. The book is meant to promote the artist. It is a very important addition to your resume. If you use it correctly, you will have great results and it can boost your career. Many galleries, art organizations, art agents, art dealers etc. sponsor their artists to appear in the book. 


When is the application deadline?

There is no general deadline for applications because we close each volume when we complete the maximum number of artists we can accept. We do though have deadlines for the payment plans that we offer. You can ask the assistant curator that contacted you about these dates. 


Will I see my page before the book is printed?

Yes. Once the book has been produced, our designer will email you proof of your page(s). You will then be able to make adjustments. A proof is sent to the artist in order to review and approve the accuracy of all elements to be published. 


Where do you distribute the books?

Our books are distributed for free to selected galleries, interior designers, museums, collectors, curators, and art-lovers worldwide (every year to a different list). We also hand out hundreds of books at international art fairs that we exhibit like Art Expo New York, Red Dot Miami, Spectrum Miami, Art San Diego and other Major Art Fairs

Whenever a new book is released, we do an email campaign to collectors and art professionals with an online link to view the book page by page. Our current email list consists of over 165,000 email addresses of collectors and art professionals all over the world – galleries, agencies, art dealers and consultants, interior designers and architects, curators and museum executives. This list is growing constantly.

At the same time, we advertise the books on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

Below is a list of galleries we sent free copies during the last 3 months. We renew this list every 3 months. 

Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum in Las Vegas We donate 400 copies from each book every year.

1022 Gallery,511 Gallery,539 Gallery,A Gallery For Fine Photography,A.G. Wagner Studio & Gallery,Abend Gallery,Addison Gallery,AFTERIMAGE GALLERY,Alain Briot Gallery,Albuquerque Photographers Gallery,Alexis Walter Art,Allen Koppel Gallery,Altman Siegel,Amador Gallery,Andre Zarre Gallery,Andrea Schwartz,Andrew Shire Gallery,Angela King Gallery,Anita Shapolsky Gallery,Anna Pappas Gallery,Anthony Meier Fine Arts,Antieau Gallery,Anton Haardt Gallery, Inc.,Appel Gallery & Photography Studio,Art For The Soul,Art Statements,ArtHaus,Artists Incorporated,Artscape Gallery,ArtZone461 Gallery,Asher Nieman Gallery,Atea Ring Gallery,Atelier Gallery Charleston,Bantam Fine Arts,Barbara Krakow Gallery,Bentley Gallery,Bernice Steinbaum Gallery,Bernstein & Andriulli,Bert Green Fine Art,Billy Shire Fine Arts,Blue Circle Studio,Blue Moon Gallery,Blue Sky Gallery,Bonni Benrubi Gallery,Boston Alpha Gallery,Breckenridge Gallery,Brian Gross Fine Art,Bruce BarnBaum,Brydges MacKinney,Burlingame Gallery,Butters Gallery,Cantrell Gallery,Capture,Carmen Sandiego,Casas Riegner Gallery,Center for Photographic Art,Charles Guice Contemporary,Charles Schwartz Photography,Chasen Galleries,Chemers Gallery,Christopher Grimes Gallery,Cirrus Gallery,Cokkei Snoei,Collection Privee Gallery,Columbine Gallery,Compton Gallery,Cosmos Photo,Courtyard Gallery,Cumberland Gallery,Davidson Galleries,Dillon Gallery,Dina Mitrani Gallery,Doubletake Gallery,Durban Segnini Gallery,Dykinga Photography,E.S. Lawrence Gallery,Eaton Fine Art,Edenhurst Gallery,Elins Eagles Smith Gallery,Elite Fine Art,Elizabeth Rice Inc.,Emily Mackie Gallery,Enrique Crusellas,Ernest Fuller Fine Art,Espacio Minimo,Etherton Gallery,Evergreen Fine Art,Expressions Galleries,Fassbender-Stevens Gallery,Figarelli Fine Art,Five 15,Flaere Gallery,Flatland Gallery,Fogle Fine Art,Forst Gallery,Foster White Gallery,Fraenkel Gallery,Frank Pictures,G2 Gallery,Galería ImagineYmaG’ART,Galeria of Sculpture,Galerie Meyer,Galerie Gabrie,Galerie Lilian Rodriguez,Galerie of Marseille,Galerie Philippe Chaume,Galerie Sono,Galleria De Felice,Galleria Silecchia,Gallery 270,,Gallery 339,Gallery Black,Gallery Central,Gallery Four Forty Four,Gallery M,Gallery Nine,Gallery Paquette,Gallery Shoal Creek,Gardner Colby Galleries,George Billis Gallery,Gingerbread square Gallery,Gingerbread Square Gallery,Gitterman Gallery,Gordon Wheeler Gallery,Gorell Gallery,Grand Lake Art Gallery,Greg Kucera Gallery,Greg Thompson Fine Art,Gregory James Gallery,Gregory Lind Gallery,Groveland Gallery,Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery,Haines Gallery,Hallway Gallery,Hamilton-Selway Fine Art,Hang Art,Hardcastle Gallery,Harris Stanton Gallery,Heath Gallery Inc.,High Tide Gallery,Highlands Art Gallery,Highlight Gallery,Horton Hayes Fine Art,House of Orange,Howard Greenberg Gallery,Howard Mandville Gallery,Hyde Park Fine Arts,Interior Motives,Jack Rutberg Fine Arts,Jackson Fine Art,Jackson Hole,James Kay Photography,James Randklev Photography,Jan Baum Gallery,JDC Fine Art,Jean Albano Gallery,Joan Cawley Gallery,John Gavrilis Photography,John MacLean Photography,John Paul Caponigro Gallery,Judy A Saslow Gallery,Kamp Gallery,Katie Gingrass Art Gallery,Kavanaugh Art Gallery,Keith Sheridan Inc,Keskini’s Gallery,Kirkland Arts Center,Kopeikin Gallery,Kris Graves Projects,La Galerie Particuliere,Laguna North Gallery,Lakeshore Gallery,Lanning Gallery,Laurence Miller Gallery,Legacy Gallery,Leif Nilsson Spring Gallery,Lela Harty Studio Gallery,Lemon Street Gallery,Leslie Sacks Fine Art,Leslie Tonkonow,Liepers Creek Gallery,Local Color Gallery,Lucia Douglas Gallery,Lumiere Gallery of Photography,Magidson Fine Art,Magnum Photos,Mainview Gallery,MandM, Inc.,,Manny Silverman Gallery,Marina Cain Gallery,Mark Cravotta Gallery,Mark Gallery,Mark Moore Gallery,Marshall LeKae,Mary Williams Fine Arts,Maxwell Davidson Gallery,Maynard Reece Gallery,McBride Gallery,Merritt Gallery,Meyerovich Gallery,Michael Shapiro Photographs,Mitchell Ozog,Modernism Gallery,MONROE GALLERY of photography,Monty Stabler Galleries,Moody Gallery,Mountain Light Gallery,Nicelle Beauchen Gallery,Nordstamp Fine Art,Northwest by Northwest Gallery,ON Gallery,Ostrovsky Fine Art Gallery,Overland Gallery of Fine Art,P.J.S. Exhibitions,Packard Reath Gallery,Palm Avenue Gallery,Palmers Gallery,Panos Pictures,Papillon Gallery,Partners Gallery,PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY,Patton Fine Art Gallery,Paul Scott Gallery,Pavleye Artists Management,Philip Hyde Photography,Photocollect Alan Klotz Gallery,Photographers Gallery,Photographers limited editions,Photography West Gallery,Photography West Gallery,Pi-Gallery,Pitzer’s of Carmel,Pryor Fine Art,Quester Gallery,Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery,Red Dot Gallery,Red House Gallery,Rhoni Epstein Photo Group,Rhubarb & Custard,Richard Heller Gallery,Richland Fine Art,Rima Fine Art,Rive Gauche,Robert Burge / 20th Century Photographs,Robert Koch Gallery,Robert Mann Gallery,Robert Tat Fine Photographs,ROBERTSON GALLERY,Ross Gallery,Ruth Bachofner Gallery,Saltfineart,Sam Lee Gallery,Saret Gallery Fine Art Photography,Scott White Contemporary,Sean Kernan Gallery,Sharp Studio Gallery,Shaw Gallery,Sherrie Gallerie,Shooting Gallery SF,Shorelines Gallery,Shotview Photographers Management,Sicardi Gallery,Sideshow,Sienna Gallery,Signs of Life Gallery,Simic New Renaissance Galleries,Simon Gallery,Smith/Chamlee Photography,Sommerville Manning Gallery,Sophie-Maree Photography Gallery,Sosin & Sosin Gallery,South Coast Fine Art,Spencer Art Gallery,Stephanie’s Art Gallery,Stephano’s Fine Art Gallery,Stephen Bulger Gallery,Stewart & Stewart,Stewart Galleries,Stonington Gallery,Susan Sheehan Gallery,Susanne Vielmetter,Tam O’Neill Fine Arts,Terra Galleria Photography,The McLoughlin Gallery,The Ansel Adams Gallery,The AZ Gallery,The Brookover Gallery,The Cecile Moochneck Gallery,The Center for Fine Art Photography,The Cooley Gallery,The Harwood Art Center,The Museum of Modern Art,The North Point Gallery,The Perfext Exposure Gallery,The Photography Room,The Plainsmen Gallery,The Redfern Gallery,The Rymer Gallery,The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,Tilt Gallery,Timothy Yarger Fine Art,Tinney Contemporary,Tobey C. Moss Gallery,Traver Gallery,Trepanier Baer Gallery,Trotter Galleries,Trowbridge Gallery,Vail Fine Art Gallery,Ventana Art Gallery,Verve Gallery of Photography,Victoria Boyce Galleries,Ward-Nasse Gallery,Waterworks Gallery,Wendi Norris,Westport River Gallery,Wild Spirits Gallery,William A. Karges Fine Art,William Corey Gallery,William L. Schaeffer / Photographs,William Shearburn Gallery,Willie Holdman Gallery,Windrush Gallery,Xanadu Gallery LLC,Yossi Milo Gallery

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