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Current Masters


Current Masters is a high quality, annual, juried art book including remarkable art by established and up-and-coming artists. The book provides an invaluable tool for the professional artist who wishes to increase their visibility, increase the value of their works, establish new relationships with galleries and use the book as reference when talking with buyers.

Every new volume of Current Masters takes over a year to be produced and each image is carefully selected. For each book, we have two main goals. To produce a unique, individual presentation for each artist, that provides an insightful description of their practice and their career. And second, to produce a beautiful anthology of art, that presents a wide range of contemporary practices, providing a reference of great art, for collectors, galleries, decorators and curators.

Our books are printed in deluxe quality, at 10 x 13 inches (or 25.2 x 33 cm) with a hard cover and dust cover. The paper is high quality gloss paper at 85 lbs and the books are thread sewn, reinforced case bound.  Every new volume of CM is distributed widely in print and online for free, to a long list of select galleries, museums, agencies, collectors, interior designers etc worldwide. The entire book is available to view online and many copies are handed for free at major international art fairs (including Spectrum Miami Basel, Art Expo New York and more).


How To Apply

  • Email us at least 5 images of your work (each file must be under 1MB) or
  • Fill out an online application below.

If the artist is approved, they will be notified within three working days. Our jury selects the specific pieces to be shown in the book. Artists can choose to present their work in one, two, three, four, five or six pages. Each book has a limited number of premium presentations that select artists can choose to be featured in. After approval, a participation fee is required.

Participation Fees

Groups of 2 or more artists get a 20% discount. Artists applying for more than 1 books get 10% discount. Please note that the fee is a tax deductible business expense.

  • ONE PAGE $1,385
  • TWO PAGES $1,985
  • FOUR PAGES $2,985
  • SIX PAGES $3,985
  • Front Cover: $9,800 (+2 page spread)
  • Back Cover: $5,800 (+2 page spread)
  • Frontispiece: (1st page of the book) $5,800 (+2 page spread)

After the introduction pages and artists’ Index and presentation of the book some artists can have special presentation

SPREAD1: $4,800

SPREAD 2: $4,600

SPREAD 3: $4,400

SPREAD 4: $4,200

SPREAD 5: $4,000

SPREAD 6: $3,800

SPREAD 7: $3,600 

SPREAD 8: $3,400 

SPREAD 9: $3,200 

SPREAD 10: $3,000 

SPREAD 11: $2,800

SPREAD 12: $2,600

SPREAD 13: $2,400

SPREAD 14: $2,200

SPREAD 15: $2,000

Cost of participation in the book includes the following services: full editing, layout and design, text review, plates, offset printing, distribution and up to 10 free copies of the book (shipping not included).

Payment Plans: We offer monthly payment plans that make inclusion affordable to every artist. Please ask us about our current offers. 

Other details for applying artists:

Exhibition at the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum  in Las Vegas. www.mglv.org  Artists in the book will have the chance to exhibit at the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum . The museum organizes a launch show for each new book and the artists are invite to show as many  works they have in the book. You can visit our exhibitions page to find out details and see previous shows.

Art Fairs  As a separate project, all artists that have been in our books will be invited to showcase their art in our booths at international art fairs (New York, San Diego and Miami during Basel.)

Copyrights  By participating in the book artists allow WWAB to publish and reproduce their images, but they maintain the copyrights of their artwork.

Ready to be published?


Questions!? Visit our FAQ or email us directly.


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